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The 7th East Africa Philanthropy Conference is the annual signature philanthropy event in the region hosted by the East Africa Philanthropy Network, a voluntary membership organization that brings together local charitable trusts, foundations, grantmaking and non-grant making organizations in East Africa with the primary aim of promoting philanthropy.

Anchored on its theme “Re-engineering Philanthropy” the virtual conference will accelerate calls for the philanthropy eco-system to build resilience by aligning to changes in the philanthropy ecosystem and climate, ensure relevance through establishing innovations that fit and adapt to new realities of philanthropy and creating an enabling environment for philanthropy to thrive.

The three-day conference will provide industry players and practitioners an opportunity to unpack its theme dedicating each day to a single sub-theme.  On its first day, attendants will focus on sailing the disruptive wave to establish meaning for philanthropy within the emerging realities as a strategy to building resilience.  The second day of the conference will provoke philanthropy to introspect on how to ‘stretch the band’ to ensure it builds on its strengths, maximize opportunities, share its aspirations and demonstrate results so that it remains relevant.  On its third day the conference will escalate calls for reforms in the sector.  Conversations focused around building muscle, collaboration in growing philanthropy, emerging role of associations in informing standards and frameworks which are key for to conducive environment for the growth of philanthropy in Africa.

The Conference will then culminate with the East Africa Philanthropy Awards.  The awards recognize outstanding organizations and individuals who have ensured communities endure and even prosper amidst the effects the global pandemic.

7th East Africa Philanthropy Conference

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