The East Africa Philanthropy Awards (EAPA) is a mechanism to identify, recognize and celebrate outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations to social development and the growth of philanthropy in the region. Through the awards, the network hopes to promote a culture of giving while acknowledging role models who have made remarkable contributions towards addressing social challenges as demonstrated in their innovations and leadership. The EAPA was launched in 2011, and we had 3 rounds of the Awards.
The 2021 edition is the 4th in the series.

In the 4th EAPA we are Recognizing, highlighting and celebrating the best practices and creativity in the philanthropy sector in East Africa. In the wake of the changing climate of the philanthropy sector, where significant shifts in how the “business” of philanthropy is conducted, this year’s award seeks to Celebrate, Showcase and Amplify emerging and sustained good practice in promoting African philanthropy. Keeping in mind that pivots, innovations, and creativity that was accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, we aim to take stock and recognize the positive efforts the sector has made to ensure communities in the East African region, endure and even prosper in the face of the unforeseen adverse effects the global pandemic has had on them.

12:40pm – 13.10pmAwarding SessionChilande Kuloba -Waria
Founder and MD Warande Advisory Centre
Award for Augmenting resilience through systems change (private & corporate philanthropistRosemary Muntunkei
Philanthropy and Sustainability Practitioner
Pivoting actions to enable community resilience (CSO Awards)Thomas Kyukohaire
ADD Country Director Uganda.
Advocate for giving practice (Media Awards)Shimmi Ntuyabaliwe
CEO Dr.Reginald Mengi Foundation (DRMF)
Spirit of Philanthropy: (Individual Awards)Charles Odaga
President, Rotary Club of Kampala South
The Jury AwardNicanor Sabula
Managing Director- AFAMACO
Jury Chairperson
Philanthropy lifetime AwardDr. Manu Chandaria
OBE, CBS, EBS Chair and CEO Comcraft Group

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