Conference Speakers

Francis Kiwanga - Board Chairman

Francis Kilian Kiwanga is the Executive Director of the Foundation for Civil Society, an independent not for profit development organization in Tanzania. Previously Mr. Kiwanga worked as Executive Director of the Legal and Human Rights Centre, LHRC, the leading human rights organization in Tanzania and Matrix Consulting, the legal, tax and governance consulting firm based in Arusha which he co-founded. He is an Advocate of the High Court of Tanzania and serves as a member in various professional and social bodies including East Africa Law Society and Tanganyika Law Society.

Graham Wood, Regional CEO Aga Khan Foundation, East Africa

Graham has been the Regional CEO of Aga Khan Foundation, East Africa (AKFEA) since May 2017. He is responsible for ensuring that the Foundation delivers quality programs in fulfilling its mission of changing the lives of the communities served in the region and working on alliances and fundraising with AKDN colleagues. He was previously the Senior Vice-President in charge of global programs at Pact Inc., USA.

Graham has over 25 years’ experience working with vulnerable populations in Afghanistan, Cambodia, DRC, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Pakistan, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, and Vietnam. He has a wealth of expertise in areas of humanitarian assistance, education, health, specifically HIV prevention, livelihoods, gender, economic reconstruction, resource management, change management in a variety of contexts, extensive strategic planning knowledge, effective fundraising from statutory, trusts and public sources and working in partnerships and alliances.

In addition, Graham has impacted development globally through publications, the media, and senior representational work with governments, the United Nations and academic institutions. He founded the Locus initiative while at Pact. Graham likes to read (and write). His current personal goal is to detox from the digital space more often than not.

Evans Okinyi - Chief Executive Officer, EAPN

Evans is the CEO of the East Africa Philanthropy Network.

Arif Ekram, Manager of Global Projects and Partnerships - Candid

Arif Ekram is the Manager of Global Projects and Partnerships at Candid (formerly, Foundation Center and GuideStar). He uses his expertise, both domestically and internationally, to manage projects that strengthen philanthropy’s capacity and engages philanthropy with other development actors. He focuses on data collection, data sharing, and data literacy as well as facilitating partnerships to ensure collaboration across the field. His work also promotes accountability and transparency in the philanthropic sector. Arif leads various philanthropic research projects to create knowledge that benefits the sector. Prior to joining Candid, Arif worked in the private sector and brings significant experience to the table that helps navigate in complex multidimensional and multi-stakeholder settings. He holds a graduate degree in public policy from Stony Brook University.


Arif speaks five languages and is currently teaching his son, Almir, a two-year old, everyday greetings and pleasantries in those languages.

Stigmata Tenga, Executive Director of the Africa Philanthropy Network (APN) / President of the Foundation for Civil Society in Tanzania

Stigmata Tenga is the Executive Director of the Africa Philanthropy Network (APN) and the President of the Foundation for Civil Society in Tanzania. She is an accomplished anthropologist with more than twenty years of consultancy experience in institutional development and process facilitation. Stigmata has practiced with central and local governments, civil society, and communities in Tanzania as well as in selected counties in the African region. She also serves on various boards including M-Pesa Foundation in Tanzania, Southern African Trust, and African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA).

Bhekinkosi Moyo

Bhekinkosi Moyo is an Adjunct Professor at the Wits Business School and Director of the Africa Centre on Philanthropy and Social Investment.

Shaun Samuels – SGS Consulting

Shaun Samuels is currently the Managing Director of SGS Consulting, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. SGS, operating since 2003, works in three fields within South Africa, on the continent and globally. These include social justice and constitutionalism, and education with an emphasis on school improvement. The third area is growing community philanthropy and acting as infrastructure for the establishment and development of a movement of community foundations in Southern Africa. SGS works in the African continent, and at country level, with regional NGOs, the United Nations, and the SADC Parliamentary Forum. Shaun started his working career in the NGO sector and spent most of his youth and working life, fighting for social change, equality, and justice in South Africa, and continues to do so.

Jacqueline Asiimwe, Chief Executive Officer - CivSource Africa

Jacqueline is a lawyer and a social development thought leader. The philanthropy advisory firm she founded CivSource Africa works to influence philanthropic practice through grant management and advisory services on funding, context and strategy. She is working to shape narratives about giving and philanthropy within low net worth communities while promoting the idea that generosity is part of the cultural legacy and social code of many African societies. Jacqueline has climbed six mountains in the recent past including Rwenzori and Kilimanjaro. She also loves to read and to dance!

Cynthia Adhiambo Onyango: Regional Technical Advisor, Civil Society Initiative - Aga Khan Foundation East Africa

Cynthia exist to live, have fun, purposeful, and extraordinary life, and make a positive contribution to the world by inspiring others to do the same. Cynthia is passionate about working with CSO to design local capacity building solutions for communities and organizations to help them tackle local priorities. She currently supports the designing and implementation of Civil Society initiatives aiming to build effective, efficient, relevant and resilient sustainable organizations at AKF.

Cynthia is married with four kids, loves to explore new ideas, cook, watching movies and travel. She loves to eat ‘Chapos’ and ‘Mandond’(Beans). A good laugh always makes her day.

Martha Muiruri, Community Development Specialist - Aga Khan Foundation East Africa

Martha Muiruri is a Community Development Specialist with extensive experience in Resource Mobilization/Fundraising and Program Management. Martha has worked with diverse Civil Society Organizations at managerial level steering partnerships, donor relations and fundraising events’ from grassroots, national level and international organizations. She is passionate about sustainable development and a promoter of local philanthropy. Her social work and social development training, coupled with a background in Psychology have provided CSOs she has worked with the much-needed guidance in identifying, owning and solving their own social issues through the process of community engagement. Currently, she is a consultant with International Consultancy Marketplace a consortium of consultants in the development sector. She is also serving as a program coordinator with Yetu Initiatives at Aga khan Foundation in East Africa. Off work, she enjoys fitness workouts, dancing & spa. Her day is never started and she is never fully awake until she takes a full cob of boiled maize on a daily basis washed down with a cup of African brewed tea. Inspirational stories from people who have risen from nothing of significance and some good humor materials always make her day bright and beautiful. She is a church leader and spirituality has an important place in her life.

Ronald Kimambo, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) specialist - Firelight

Ronald is a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) specialist by training, who brings to Firelight rich experience in designing and implementing MEL systems to assess progress on organization-level, community-level, and child- and family-level outcomes. Ronald comes to Firelight with prior roles at the Aga Khan University in East Africa, the African Medical and Research Foundation (now AMREF Health Africa) in the Tanzania country office, and the Tanzanian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. Ronald holds a Masters of Science in Health Monitoring and Evaluation from Jimma University and a Bachelor of Public Administration in Health Services Management from Mzumbe University.

Jacqueline Nassimbwa, research and Master trainer for health rights - CivSource Africa

Jacqueline Nassimbwa is a researcher and a Master trainer for health rights. She has specialized training in human rights, managing donor projects and research ethics. Jacqueline supports research at CivSource Africa, including that on philanthropy. Prior to this, her work included research and policy analyses on health and governance dynamics within governments and development organizations at a national and global level. When she is not looking for evidence, she does karaoke and watches comedy

Melvin Chibole, KCDF

Melvin is charged with the development, oversight, and coordination of all governance, learning & knowledge management and communications functions at KCDF. Melvin has been in the development sector for the last 12 years having worked for international and national non-profit organizations that include ActionAid Kenya and UNEP. Melvin is an ardent advocate of a paradigm shift in development where communities are front and center in determining their development agenda. Melvin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Daystar University and is a final year MA in Project Planning and Management finalist at the University of Nairobi.A).

Florence Namaganda, Founder / Director of the Special children’s Trust.

I am a Neuropediatric Physiotherapist and seating specialist trained in Uganda, the UK, and South Africa. My vision is to build a society where all children with or without disabilities can flourish to their fullest potential. I Started a drop-in therapy centre with 8 children in 2006 currently reaching more than 5000 children in multiple locations using a 360 child-centered model with programs that include Health (Therapy, surgeries, Medical care , nutritional support and assistive devices), Education(Inclusive , Vocational skills and apprenticeships), Family empowerment, Capacity building ,Advocacy and Awareness.

Mendi Njonjo, Regional Director for Hivos Foundation East Africa.

I have over 20 years supporting nonprofit organisations & funding organisations in fund management, strategy development and policy formulation. I’ve primarily worked in programs using technology to support good governance & prevent conflict; promoting women’s right to bodily autonomy and economic justice; supporting human rights and lately, working on promoting sustainable agriculture and renewable energy. While I have worked in various global programmes, most of my work has centred on programming in East Africa, where I’m currently Regional Director for Hivos Foundation East Africa.

Carolyne Ng’eny, Firelight

As a Program Officer at Firelight, Carolyne Ng’eny manages the secondary education and early childhood development (ECD)/early learning initiatives in Malawi, Tanzania, and Zambia. Carolyne has over 14 years of experience in managing interventions aimed at social justice for disadvantaged populations – including women and girls, youth, marginalized communities, and people in low-income communities in eastern and southern Africa as well as India. Her experience spans across project and program management, capacity development, and organizational development for community-based and civil society organizations. Trained in project planning and management and a teacher by profession, Carolyne joined Firelight from the Edukans Foundation.

Ivy Syovata, Business Development Manager – Community Life Centers at Philips

Ivy Syovata is a Business Development Manager with 15 years’ experience in Healthcare management. She has a passion for innovative health care solutions to improve lives and has knowledge in healthcare management, leadership, business modeling, and advisory. She is currently working with Philips to develop and implement community driven holistic approach to improving primary and community care in emerging markets. Currently leading projects in extending new or existing health facilities into social and economic hubs using exciting innovative and sustainable programs, technologies, and services.

Jonas Atugonza Lubago, Secretary-General for The Federation of DPOs (SHIVYAWATA)

A Tanzanian man of around 40s years of age. I was born in Bukoba Rural in a Christian family of Rev. Leonard Lutainzibwa Lubago and Regina Lubago. I am a last borne after eight elder sisters and brothers. I have a small family of one wife, two children i.e a Daughter and a Son and one home technician. I pursued my education in the public integrated primary and secondary schools before I graduated from the University of Dar es salaam in Ba. Ed and later Ma.Ed.2013 I have worked as a teacher in public schools, project/programme officer in both local and international NGOs, a senior leader in executive positions in the DPOs and now the Secretary-General for The Federation of DPOs (SHIVYAWATA).

James Gatere, Head of I&M Bank Foundation

James is a man created in the image of God to take initiative, to live responsibly, to lead sacrificially, to love faithfully and to leave a worthwhile legacy. I’m a man of faith who believes that God has a purpose for each and every one of us and our ultimate joy will come as we fulfill that purpose. I am a curious learner with a sense of adventure and enjoy directing drama. I like building up the youth giving them hope to live for, and walking: it helps me unwind. James is married and has two adult children.

Anthony Igecha

Is the Senior Programs Officer at KenGen Foundation. He has a vast knowledge on foundation matters having worked with the KCB Foundation and the Co-operative Bank Foundation

Clement Kariuki Nganga

Mr. Nganga has over Twenty (20) years wealth of experience both locally and internationally in economic and social development for specific target groups in both urban and rural areas including social investment/entrepreneurship development, program management, strategic management. He is a Kenyan Diaspora returnee, the former Co-Founder and President of Kenya Society in Houston (KENSHO) Texas USA. Currently, he is a Project Manager for Allavida Kenya where he leads Social Enterprise Development Grant Projects. He is serving in Nonprofits/NGO boards. At the local level (Kiambu County), he is the Patron Thika Young leaders Initiative (TYLI), Convener Gatundu North Professional Welfare Association (GNPWA) and member of many School Boards of Management. In recognition of distinguished and outstanding service to Kenyan communities, Clement received Presidential Award – The Order of the Grand Warrior of Kenya (OGW) last year 2018. Clement schooled in Kenya, USA and currently a Ph.D. candidate in Business Administration specializing in Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses Development at Nairobi University. In academic discs, he has special interest in documenting social entrepreneurship development; social investment strategies and sustainability of Nonprofit Organizations in Kenya using Social innovation model as part of theory of change as his theoretical foundation of the studies. Mr. Clement Kariuki Nganga, OGW is goal-getter, honest, who enjoys working with diverse groups of people and supports equal opportunities as practicing Born Again Christian.

Mwihaki Kimura Muraguri, Conference Moderator

Mwihaki Muraguri is an experienced Kenyan professional with expertise in the areas of health, development and philanthropy. Mwihaki has had the opportunity to serve in a number of institutions including AMREF, KCB Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. In 2017 Mwihaki established Paukwa, a firm dedicated to using the art of storytelling to celebrate and spotlight the positive aspects of Kenyan history and contemporary life while using the same skills to support clients in terms of documentation, facilitation and writing services. Her favourite and life-long role is bringing up three young Kenyans and playing house with a successful entrepreneurial techie.

Benedict A. Ishabakiki

Mr. Ishabakaki is an Advocate of the High Court of Tanzania. He holds an LL.B (Hons) from the University of Dar es Salaam and a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the Law School of Tanzania. Ishabakaki has been named one of the 50 most influential young persons in Tanzania. He has also been named one of the six most influential young persons in the Law and Governance Sector, in 2017. He is currently a Partner at Victory attorneys & Consultants, due to his undoubtingly impeccable knowledge and experience of over 8 years of work with both National and International NGOs in the fields of Human Rights, Freedom of Expression, Media & ICT Laws and online freedom and in working with International grant-making institutions. He is knowledgeable and experienced on issues pertaining to grantmaking, NGO regulation, Tax, Media, Cyber, ICT Laws and Human Rights Law. Moreover, Ishabakaki delivers legal consultancy on strategic engagement and counseling, project management, donor fund management, and compliance, organizational assessment and development, strategic planning, legal and policy analysis.
Ishabakaki is currently undeniably the leading lawyer on matters regarding NGO management and compliance. He is working with a significant number of International NGOs and Local NGOs in Tanzania.

Ms Imelda Lulu Urrio, lead consultant and founder of Hodari Tanzania Ltd

Ms. Imelda Lulu Urrio is a lead consultant and founder of Hodari Tanzania Ltd a capacity strengthening and strategic engagement firm. She is an advocate and a human/women rights activist passionate about equality and inclusive societies. Ms. Urrio has 16 years of experience working with the CSO sector in Tanzania. She has experience and vast knowledge in advocacy, community empowerment, and mobilization programs and has worked with communities from the grass root to national levels. She has also engaged in the creation of pressure groups for influencing reform in law, policies, and practices on human rights, law, gender, good governance, and democratic participation. She has vast skills in research, policy and legal analysis, community facilitation and moderation.

Ms. Urrio has been involved in a number of human and women rights processes at national, regional and international levels. She is a member of human rights and women rights organizations in Tanzania and serves in the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation East Africa Board and an Advisor Member of Data-Driven Advocacy Program under Freedom House Tanzania.



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