Conference Theme

Day 1: Building Resilience

Aligning ourselves to changes in the philanthropy ecosystem and climate

Achieving resilience in the face of a global pandemic requires philanthropy and non-profits to support efforts that lead to positive, enduring forward movement. This movement will require agility from actors so as to adapt and be responsive to its dynamic environment. This thematic area will interrogate the institutional context philanthropy needs to apply to build stronger effective systems and processes, social capital in response to the emerging realities.

Day 2: Ensuring Relevance

Innovations that fit and adapt to new realities of philanthropy

Organizations and communities are quickly learning and adapting to stay relevant. Some of these innovations include technology-based modes of working, data collection, fundraising, among others. However, are these innovations meeting the demands on the plate for African development? This thematic area will explore innovations and shifts that will position the sector as a key player in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Day 3: Enabling Environment

Escalating the call for reforms in the philanthropy sector

Philanthropy plays a visible role in supporting sustainable development; it is imperative to focus on the conditions where philanthropy can thrive and address the barriers that constrain its growth. Conversation in this thematic area will focus on how actors can build an enabling environment for philanthropy that facilitates and promotes collaboration, trust critical for impact and the growth of philanthropy in Africa.

7th East Africa Philanthropy Conference

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