Group 1: Data & Technology in Philanthropy: Turning Data Challenges into Opportunities for Philanthropy

Philanthropic decisions are increasingly driven by data and technology especially in frequency and – more importantly – in effectiveness. This session will reflect on how Philanthropic organizations can facilitate significant impact through online platforms and data-sharing technologies.

Group 2: Shared Value: Grounding Philanthropy

Shared-value in philanthropy ensures that organizations invest in areas that are both responsive to community needs and complementary to the organization’s objectives. As a result, the organization is able to be grounded and see societal benefits in alignment with the potential for future impact on their goals.

Group 3: Policy Towards a Conducive Environment

Despite shared goals, a wide communication and collaboration gap often exists between philanthropy and governments. Philanthropy actors recognize that the goals they pursue often converge with those of development agencies, national governments and civil society, and have therefore also become more engaged in shaping public policy and participating in high-level development forums.