Susan Njambi Odongo is a social development specialist influencing social change practices, in Sub-Saharan Africa. She runs her consulting firm – Lusoma Advisory Services, which supports institutions to build alternative ways of understanding and responding to social challenges and injustices.

She is a seasoned practitioner in the philanthropy field, as a knowledge worker, with over 15 years’ of experience supporting Sub-Saharan African organizations to understand and appreciate local giving practices in the development sector. She has provided thought leadership on infrastructure models for local giving practices and in defining narratives on local giving practices in East Africa. 

Susan has supported non-profit and philanthropy actors to establish giving models that harness local ownership and build local investment in communities and their citizenry in Africa. She has undertaken intensive research on giving practices in East Africa, including the State of Institutional Giving in East Africa 2021, reimagining Civil Society Resourcing in Tanzania, among others. Susan believes African communities and development institutions can influence their development agenda by identifying and using their potential for social change.